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December's Walk with the President!

President David reports...

The walk on December 15th started at The Fleece in the lovely Wolds village of Bishop Wilton. We had a group of 16 plus 4 dogs and we were blessed with very good weather.

We walked down the village street and at the end of the village started to follow the path next to the stream leading towards Yapham. Part way to Yapham we turned across the fields, we than had a short section on the road before starting the gentle climb up to Givendale.

There was only one member unlucky enough to slip in the mud, but fortunately there was no injury caused. In spite of having requests for an early coffee stop those were resisted until we reached Givendale church where we were able to sit in the sun and enjoy a well earned rest.

Givendale is a lovely little church dating back to 1849 when it was rebuilt. The church was open so we were able to look inside. Whilst we were there John Lacy told us about once talking to a local who once told him about the view in the distance that looked like his mother. John was very sceptical before looking in the distance and seeing how the form of the trees looked like a woman lying down, we all had to agree with John regarding the interpretation of this view.

After our break we walked through the hamlet of Givendale to the top of the Wolds and we enjoyed a splendid view, we could see Drax Power Station, York Minster Central tower, Full Sutton prison and even the radar domes at Menwith hill at the extreme. From the vantage point we debated on which route to take back to bishop Wilton, we decided to avoid the path across fields as it involved muddy paths and a traverse which meant slipping would be easy, we therefore descended down on the road from Givendale and returned to The Fleece.

A lunch was enjoyed at The Fleece where there were two real fires burning to give us a welcome. When we finished our lunch and left The Fleece the light made the view up Bishop Wilton village very impressive.

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