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Christmas Safari Supper

Safari Suppers have been a regular feature of York Rotary social events for many years, so why would we let the COVID interruption get in the way?

Paul Harvey suggested we hold a “virtual” Safari Supper and with all the advantages of no driving (so free-flowing drink) and no dark nights to contend with, no getting lost in country lanes finding the right location, members soon took to the idea.

Paul and Pat Harvey

Christened the Christmas Safari Supper, the event took place over Zoom on December 15th with over 50 members, partners and Friends of York Rotary taking part. The “first course” (drinks accompanied by the food - some simple, some elegant with table ware and decoration fully on display – all cooked by the participants of course) was in groups of “Safarians” in rooms names after Safari Parks such as Masai Mara. Conversation flowed with ease and there were four “Xmas Food” themed quiz questions to focus attention when there was any lull.

Brought back into the main room for the quiz answers, more banter and some “re-organising” by the technical controller (!) Brian, new groups formed for the second course -= this time in rooms named after famous Reindeer and a second round of questions.

Just as everyone was getting used to the idea of a quiet, simple collective meal with friends, suddenly this was interrupted by the appearance of Santa, who arrived in each room in turn, in a dress code that would shock many in its unpreparedness, who appeared somewhat grumpy at the COVID restrictions that had been placed upon him, and bemoaning the lack of professionalism amongst his three “elves” who were the only ones remaining in his employment after the rest were furloughed. But bearing a gift or two, more quiz questions and some questionable banter, he wished everyone a happy (ish) Christmas!

Once the eating was done and everyone congregated again the main room, President Kevin threw off his Santa persona and spoke about how York Rotary had rallied to the new normal during the pandemic and had been determined to enjoy ourselves as well despite the challenges. This evening was a great example of how fun could be had despite “distancing”.

Our thanks go to Paul, who developed the idea and together with Brian and also Steve Burton, produced a very innovative and enjoyable evening.

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