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Charity fundraising is in good heart..

Nigel Everard presented the York Rotary club accounts to the SGM on the 26thSeptember. As always the accounts were very thorough and detailed.

What is perhaps of interest for the record is the charity account income and expenditure section. The graphic shows that for the year ended 30th June 2021 the total income amounted to £68,711 and whilst that compares with £103,610 for the previous year, but given that the year ended 30th June 2021 has all been during a lock down period that is an absolutely fantastic result.

The analysis of the income shows that £20,168 or 29% resulted from the Virtual Dragon Boat Challenge, that was the initiative of Immediate Past President Kevin and we should congratulate him on that. The other large figure was Donate a lunch at £26,555 or 39%, we should remember that was a suggestion from Steve Burton at the start of the first lockdown, that has been incredibly successful, we thank Steve for suggesting that and all the members who contributed so generously.

The expenditure analysis shows the wide range of ways in which the funds were used, with

£20,168 or 29% presented to York Teaching Hospital charity as the proceeds from the Virtual Dragon Boat Challenge and £26,550 or 39% donated to the twelve charities supported by Donate a Lunch, plus other support to a variety of charities.

President David remarked "I think the above summary demonstrates a very successful year that the club had, in what were very difficult circumstances, well done to everyone."

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