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Graham W reports....

A great start for the walking year with an interesting 5 mile walk around York on a beautiful sunny morning, January 19th. The route designed by Steve Burton to take in as many bridges as possible (large and small), started from Marygate Car Park and took us via Scarborough Bridge, Marble Arch and the Cinder Path to Wilton Rise passing much of York’s historic ‘Railway Quarter’.

We then ventured into the parts of Holgate where Steve passed much of his mis-spent youth - the parts of York that few residents of York find and certainly no visitors get to see.

The most impressive being St Paul’s Square (pictured), a square of Georgian/Victorian houses tucked away in a corner of Holgate, and now a very desirable residential area.

After the snickets and byways of Holgate, we emerged onto Hob Moor, where victims of the plague were isolated, to inspect the Hob Stone where food was left for them to collect. In later times, Hob Moor was the site of York’s first golf course and rugby club.

On to the Knavesmire to inspect the Tyburn where Dick Turpin met his demise and then a slow canter around the Racecourse to inspect the seat which Rotary had recently donated to the People of York - referred to affectionately as Sheila’s Seat – as its provision was masterminded by Sheila Weatherburn. It enabled one or two walkers to rest their weary legs.

Finally, on past the former Terry’s factory, now the interesting Chocolate Works development and down to the riverside. We took in the elegant Millennium Bridge, Rowntree Park, the streets of Clementhorpe and back to the Star Inn the City where my old office made a convivial setting for a very enjoyable lunch.

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