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Back to the Barbie!

Paul Harvey reports... Meeting fellow Rotarians via Zoom has been better than not meeting at all but nothing is the same as sitting down together at a social event and experiencing that feature of Rotary life which is important to us all – fellowship.

And so on August 7th, a total of 64 Rotarians, partners, friends and family met at Derwent-on-Sutton Village Hall for the annual Club Barbeque - a victim of COVID last year but not so this year now that we are out of lockdown.

Although the option of meeting outside was a possibility, the weather forecast indicated that rain was due during the course of the day and so 8 tables of 8 were arranged inside the hall as socially distanced as possible.

For the golfers and also those who were not

golfers but were convinced it would be easy, pitch and putt and chipping were set up outside on the grass.

Barbequed Chicken, Sausages and Steak (with a veggie option for the one vegetarian present) plus copious quantities of salads were followed by too many deserts with tea / coffee / wine and soft drinks.

No Rotary Barbeque would be completed without a quiz and John Lacy was on form as always (does anyone really believe that an HB pencil can draw a line 35 miles long?) with questions that were almost answerable by everyone.

These events do not happen without the hard work of fellow Rotarians and so grateful thanks are given to Donald, Diana, Hazel, John and our “barbequers” Graham, Dave T and David W!

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