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And we're back....!!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

After such a long period of enforced separation and isolation , there was a somewhat surreal feeling to seeing all our fellow Rotarians in the flesh ("Hell, I'd forgotten what you looked like from the waist down!!") as we gathered on July 23rd for our first face-to-face meeting at the Novotel since March 2020.

The celebratory air continued as President David completed the formal handover from Kevin, and then welcomed Paul Harvey as our new Vice-President (to be President in 2023-24)

It was also the initiation of a new "hybrid" meeting format as 14 members joined via Zoom, and Mike Hay managed to get all the technology working such that the Zoomers felt very much part of the meeting, and the 45 present "live" saw their smiling faces on the screens around the room.

The meal was fabulous and the staff of the hotel greeted us long lost friends - which they are.

A sense of normality is slowly starting to take hold again.

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