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A (Quiz) evening meeting with a difference

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

We held our first evening meeting on the November 4th, as a trial of this format. The meeting was well attended by 52 comprising a mix of members, partners and guests. The Novotel provided an excellent buffet which was appreciated by all.

The event was a fun quiz, a photographic one and based mainly around York. There were two sections, one organised by John Lacy and the other by President David.

John’s section comprised eight historic photographs of York, participants had to guess where the photographs were taken, but also and more importantly the dates on which the photographs were taken. At the end of this section the years were added up with the idea that the winning team was the one that got nearest to the total of 15.637. One team remarkably got the correct total, even though they did not get all the correct answers!

One of the photographs (Illustrated) caused the most difficulty in terms of dating and locating the photograph,

a comparison of the original and current photograph (below) gives a clue!

The sociable atmosphere of the occasion was excellent. What was also noticeable was that after the meeting everyone stayed to socialise for longer than they normally would after a Friday Rotary meeting.

A fuller report of this evening can be read here.......

Quiz 2
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(also in our Digital Archive)

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