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A new partnership for tree planting

John Lacy reports....

Much is said in the city about local organisations and charities coming together to make York a better place to live. A fine example of this is the York Rotary Tree Planting project which brings together Rotary, Treemendous and the Woodland Trust.

We were joined this Sunday March 27th by twelve volunteers from GoodGym https://www.goodgym.org/v3/areas/york who joined with friends from Treemendous to plant 220 saplings on the project site between Haxby Road and the River Foss.

Saturday also saw a first for Treemendous and York Rotary. The 1200 trees for the original planting commemorated 1160 children born in York in 2018/19, had been slips grown in Woodland Trust nurseries.

Around 70% of the trees had survived and the project leader rotarian Frank Paterson decided that they should source some replacements.

Derek Utley from Treemendous got permission from York University for Rotary to have access to self seeded trees within their Jubilee Forest. So on Saturday a group of Rotarians and friends of Treemendous dug up 220 saplings at Grimston Hill.

The trees are mainly four to five year old and like the trees they are replacing are all native species such as alder, birch, hawthorn and willow.

The hope is that because the roots are taken with soil and only out of the ground for such a short period that the marjority of the transplants will flourish .

So if the experiment is a success then Rotary can assure parents that there will be a tree for every one of the 1160 children registered for the project.

Finally a big thank you for all the volunteers who turned up especially those from GoodGym who are a group of local people who get fit by doing good helping community organisations.

Many thanks also to Reuben who shot this footage using his drone.....

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