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A Grand Total

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

At the Zoom meeting on July 24th a graphic was shown which pulls together a snapshot of the various strands of fundraising and activity that have taken place during the “lockdown” since March.

With some monies coming from our reserves (which represent previous fundraising efforts in prior years) the bulk of the £30,000 shown on the chart are from NEW activities – some internal amongst members, such as “Donate a Lunch”, some external such as a Quiz evening and the Virtual Dragon Boat event where members of the public have been the major contributors.

In fact, about half of the amount raised has been from non-Rotarians, though Rotarians have also been very generous in their support of “Donate a Lunch” and several other programmes.

£30,000 is a remarkable total, and demonstrates that Rotary has not been sitting its hands during the pandemic – far from it. Creativity and resourcefulness have meant the Rotary ethos has been alive and well, and the number of charities that have benefitted from our generosity and our efforts is very wide indeed – a total of 13 local and international organisations, ranging from local schools, foodbanks and charities to international aid organisations and schools in Africa.

With many of these programmes continuing, and new ideas coming forward in the coming months, it’s clear that positive opportunities have come from recent difficulties related to the pandemic, and we Rotarians can still very much be “People of Action” if we have the will.

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