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105th shipment by Physionet

Several York Rotarians made an early start on June 5th to help with the loading of Physionet's 105th shipment of surplus NHS equipment, this time heading for Fiji.

Pictured: Andrew Dunkinson, Robin Rich and Ian Helby amongst the loading team

Members have been volunteering in support this amazing charity for many years now; as loaders, driver/collectors from NHS premises across the country, and as administrators.

Physionet's Chairman, Mike Adams, thanked all those who helped on the day:

"As the saying goes, 'third time lucky' and so it was on Sat 5th June when PhysioNet finally loaded the container for Fiji which left Gelsthorpe Farm (with a collective sigh of relief). This container represented our 105th shipment over eleven years. PhysioNet has shipped some 60,000 items of mobility equipment over this period equating to approximately 600 tonnes of equipment most of which would end up in UK landfill.

A special thank you to all of our volunteers who turned up on the day including the very valuable help of a contingent of Fijian soldiers from Catterick Army Barracks.

No one has ever gone through life without a helping hand, volunteers are the very core of humanity.

Thank you to all of our volunteers.


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