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Mark Sessions reports...

Graham Wilford has spent many hours putting our Rotary Club archives onto a digital record and on June 18th he shared a very interesting collection of snippets over our Club’s first 100 years.

He showed us a photo of the seven minute books which covered our first 27 years which were hand written and full of newspaper cuttings and even menu cards of the dinners.

He had placed a memory stick by the side of these minute books and pointed out that this one little memory stick can contain all of the scans he has done of the seven minute books!

The next photo showed 16 binders containing 826 copies of Rotagraph and Graham told us these have all been scanned and are now part of the digital archive.

He showed a wonderful photo of the Presidential Party at the Club’s 1934 Annual Dinner including Noel Terry of Terry’s Chocolates and Tom Shouksmith who gave our Club the golf trophy which is competed for today.

Graham recounted numerous service activities that our Club had done in the past including sending unused medicines to Third World countries and sending warm clothing and chocolate to an adopted trawler to keep the sailors warm.

During the Second World War members had been in the Observer Corps spotting planes and providing musical instruments and books to internees in the German Internment camp on the Knavesmire.

Coming up to date Graham showed a picture of the first two ladies to join our club in 2007 Janet Morley and Mo Hayward.

During question time our Rotary friend Desmond from Jamaica praised our Club for retaining such excellent archives. We owe Graham and helpers a huge debt for all their hard work in achieving this digital archive which will keep all our records safe for the future.

1964 lunch at Windmill Hotel Graham Wilford

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