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Sunday 10th July 2022

**  Entries are now closed for 2022 **

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If you would like to enter a team for this year's event, please use the form below and ensure you make the entry fee payment (£450) by one of the methods indicated on the form.

Your application can not be considered until payment is received.

We are usually oversubscribed, so we recommend early entry!  The final date for entries in March 18th.

Your entry fee will be refunded in the event you are not offered a place in the event;  or if the event has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as Government COVID restrictions.

Please read carefully the entry conditions (see box) which form part of your entry 

Further information about the event can be found here

If you have further questions, please contact us at dragon@yorkrotary.co.uk

Notice: The event is an adventure sport and as such involves a risk of injury regardless of the standard of training, supervision and equipment involved.


Each captain will be required to produce a declaration on the day, signed by each member of their team that they voluntarily accept all risks involved and are fit and able to swim as per the medical restrictions above and will not hold Dragon Boat Events Ltd, The Organisation Ltd, the Rotary Club of York, York City Rowing Club, the Canal and River Trust, Accessible Arts & Media or ANTRUK liable for any claims arising from any accident resulting in any loss or damage including bodily injury or death and agree to be bound by the rules. 

Entry, sponsorship commitment,  and fees

Commitment - Participants should note that the £450 entry fee, which covers the hire of the boats and our event administration costs, is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.


Each team is required to raise over £1,500 as sponsorship as a condition of taking part. In fact on average, teams raise well in excess of £1,500.


You choose a charity your organisation/team wish to support.  Two thirds of the funds raised by the team goes to the charity of your team's choice and one third will be shared between York Rotary's nominated charities Accessible Arts & Media, and ANTRUK (Antibiotic Research UK)


Other condition of entry and further information  



The racing will be run and controlled by Dragon Boat Events Ltd, a division of The Organisation Event Support and Management Limited (The Organisation Ltd). They specialise in Dragon Boat Racing and their experience has contributed towards raising
over £10million for worthy causes across the UK.
Dragon Boat Events Ltd provides the boats and other equipment and they ensure that the event is run in accordance with the rules of the British Dragon Boat Racing Association.

Dragon Boats Events Ltd and the Rotary Club of York will take all reasonable steps to ensure that racing takes place as specified.


Awards - There will be a number of racing awards, the major award being the Challenge Trophy for the winner of the York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge and with donations to each winner’s nominated charity. There will also be an award to its nominated charity for the team raising the greatest amount of sponsorship.


Team Size - Each crew will consist of 16 Paddlers and a Drummer (minimum age is 16 years), selected by you from a team of up to 20 you nominate, including reserves.

The helmsman will be provided by Dragon Boats Events Ltd.

Team Base - Team bases on the South Bank will be allocated in order of receipt of the successful Application Forms and Registration Fees, starting at the Lendal Bridge end of the bases.

Ability to swim - Members of the team must be reasonably fit, able to swim at least 50 metres wearing a buoyancy aid and not vastly overweight in relation to their height.

Minimum age - The minimum age for this event is 16 years old.

Medical Restrictions - Each participant must be reasonably fit and must not be vastly overweight in relation to their height. If you are unsure whether you can take part, please seek advice from your doctor.

Insurance - Dragon Boats Events Ltd and its parent company The Organisation Ltd have their own Public and Employee Liability insurance. Any additional insurance requirements should be arranged by the individual.

Team Information - All selected teams must send a representative to the Team Captains' briefing to be held a few weeks prior to the event. 

Further detailed information and instructions will be provided and should be carefully followed by all teams.

Note:   If you have difficulty with the application process, or are not seeing the application form here, please email us and we will send you a form via email.   

Contact web@yorkrotary.co.uk

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