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Report of the 2017 Event


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1st    Joseph Rowntree School            

                         (pictured right)


Josh Pears, Harri McNeilage,

Matt Hume and Dan Thompson



2nd   All Saints' School  

       (pictured below right)


Michael Arnold, Douglas Blackwood

Lily Stevenson and Beth Hodgson




3rd   St Peter's School            


Joe Johnson, Ethan Leigh-Howarth,

Yeelok Chan and Ben Hobbs




1st  The Mount School

                         (pictured right)


Orlaith Kelly, Alicia Lake,

Joanna Milton and Nicole Tse



2nd   Lady Lumley’s School


Harriet Evans, Alix Armstrong,

Curt Hoggarth and Alex Nock



3rd  Sherburn in Elmet School                    

                                (pictured right)


Hugh Barker, Charlotte Purdy,

Owen Barnes and Thomas Romans



1st    Bootham School

                    (pictured right)


Francesca Mitton, Emily Watson,

Sammy Johnson and Henry Elsome



2nd   Easingwold School

                     (pictured below right)


Harry Pomfret, Matthew Skelton,

Philip Skelton and Jake Hewison



3rd  The Mount School                        


Antonia Ryan-Briscoe, Hollie Thompson, Clare Treacher and

Benyapa Tassanawipas


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2017 York Area

Technology Tournament



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13th York Area Technology Tournament     February 28th 2017

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The task this year was to build a space capsule launcher, propelling a space-capsule (a golf 'airball') through a hoop and at least 3 metres into the air.  Intermediate and senior teams also had to provide a launch vehicle which separated from the capsule.  The capsule then had to return to earth using a parachute.  All teams rose to the challenge and had demonstrable designs, all of which launched the capsule.  Several failed to reach 3 metres, others veered off and hit the hoop but many achieved the objective.  Some launched with such force that they left a dent in the foam ceiling panels!  The portfolios were generally of very high quality as was the teamwork, making the judges' task of deciding third, second and first places quite difficult.


Marks by the team of judges were awarded on their success and also on their portfolio which they wrote during the project describing how they approached the task, how the team decided on their design and details of how they built it.


The atmosphere was really positive and full of good fun and with help from the judges – a learning experience.


Rotarian Steve Cluderay (Chief Judge) praised the very high standard of all teams and announced the winners.  Deputy Chairman of the Shepherd Group Patrick Shepherd presented the junior awards, Sheriff of York Jonathan Tyler presented the intermediate awards, and Lord Mayor Dave Taylor presented the senior awards.   The Lord Mayor was so impressed by the event that he asked if he could make a special impromptu speech to round-off the event.  Right on time, the students left at 3pm proudly taking their space launchers home; a very successful event at our superb new venue, Portakabin.