Rotary Club of York

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Club Officers 2017 - 2018


Membership of Council




President - Brian Joscelyne                          President Elect -  Ian Helby














Vice President -  Ian Tarbet                     Immediate Past President - Eileen Davis













Secretary - Mike Hay 

Tel  01904 791372


Treasurer - Nigel Everard


Elected Members of Council

Patrick Curran, Mike Fieldsend, Kevin Grogan,  

Keith Hayton, Sheila Weatherburn, Graham Wilford


Co-opted Members of Council


The Chairs/Team Leaders of the Club Committees:


Club Service - Ian Helby


External Relations - Kevin Grogan


Community Service - Keith Hayton


Dragon Boat Challenge - David Fotheringham


Fellowship  - David Impey


Foundation - Eileen Davis


International - Nigel Naish


Fund Raising - Diana Naish


Membership - Kevin Grogan


Youth Service  - Russ Rollings


Rotaract - Rebecca Mendoza


Vocational - Frank Paterson


Public Image - Eileen Davis

Assistant Secretary 

Tom Jackson


Assistant Treasurer 

Tim Hinton



Ian Helby


Editor of Rotagraph

Ian Tarbet



Brian Joscelyne



Mike Miller


Media Officer

Mike Fieldsend



Social Media

Rebecca Mendoza 


Safeguarding Officer

David McAulay


The Officers and 6 elected members are the voting members of Council.



Council normally meets on the second Monday of each month.

District 1040


District Officers

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Other Office Holders

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